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In an effort to provide the most successful learning environment for our band students, the following
expectations must be observed on a daily basis.

Rehearsal Expectations:

  1. Be on time.
  2. Sit with proper posture and playing position.
  3. Stay in your seat.
  4. Only speak/play at appropriate times.
  5. Be respectful to teachers and classmates.
  6. Food/drinks/gum are not allowed in the band room.
  7. Restroom and drinking fountains should be used before entering the band room.  Students will not be allowed to leave the band room at the beginning of class.
  8. Conduct yourself in a manner that allows directors and classmates to trust you.

Academic Expectations:

  1. Students must have their band binder with all materials (book, pencil, music, handouts)
  2. Students are expected to bring their instrument to class everyday in proper working condition along with all required accessories (accessories may include:  mutes, valve oil, tuning slide grease, slide cream, reeds, cork grease)
  3. If a student is unable to play their instrument for any reason, parents must provide a note on the day the student is without the instrument.  The note must be signed by a parent.
  4. Students will turn in practice minutes with a parent signature on a weekly basis.  Forgery will result in an immediate principal referral and will be dealt with according to the school handbook. 
1st Strike — Warning
2nd Strike — Warning
3rd Strike — Call home
4th Strike — Principal referral ISS (1 day)
5th Strike — Principal referral ISS (2 days)
6th Strike — Principal referral OSS (1 day)

Strikes will be kept in a log and will start over each quarter.
If a student reaches four strikes in two quarters of the same school year, at the conclusion of the semester, the directors, principal, student, and parents will decide if further participation in band is recommended.

The band department takes great pride in further developing caring, trustworthy, responsible, and respectful
young musicians.  The image our band portrays to the public is more important than anything they achieve on stage.  These expectations are meant to support our efforts to raise outstanding musicians and more importantly, wonderful people.