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Double D’s Pizzeria is locally owned and operated by the Kearns’ Family. You can stop by anytime and see anywhere  from 1-5 of us there working. Tim and Jenny are mom and dad followed by our A, B, C’s,Amanda, Baillie, and Caitlin.

We promote a family atmosphere and a great place to bring the team. We make our own pizza sauce, hand cut our vegetables, and use as many local items in the store as possible. We cannot ask others to support a local business if we do not do the same. Our local products come from Vitales Bakery, Fazio’s Bakery, Di Gregorio Foods, 4 Hands Brewery, AB, Schafley Brewery, Ronnies Ice Cream, Billy Goat Chips, St. James Winery, The Different Twist Pretzel Company, Fitz’s Bottling Co and Arcobasso Foods to name a few.

Download a shareable flyer

Info sheet for Bandstanders families. 

Track orders from customers with printable form.

Double D's Pizzas are ordered through the link below.  You MUST pay for your pizza order at the time of ordering. You pay for 65% of the cost of the pizza and you charge your customers the advertised cost and keep the remaining  35%.  After the order date we will send Double D's all of the pizza orders.  Double D's will make all the pizzas,  freeze them and wrap them.  When your order is complete, Double D's will CALL you and let you know your order is ready for pickup.  You go to Double D's Pizzeria, 13150 Tesson Ferry Rd., St. Louis, MO 63128,tell them you name and they will give you your order.  



Please make sure you click a payment button and pay for your full order to complete your order.  If you need to change your order before the deadline, please exit and  click again on the link, choosing, restart/edit your order and make the changes.  If you need to make a change to your order AFTER paying, email [email protected]  If you just need to add more to your order, then submit a new order and pay for it.

  Buyer's Cost Bandstander Cost(65%) Student Profit(35%)
Cheese $8.00 $5.20 $2.80
Sausage $9.00 $5.85 $3.15
Pepperoni $9.00 $5.85 $3.15
Sausage Pepperoni $9.50 $6.18 $3.33
Bacon $9.50 $6.18 $3.33
Sausage Bacon $10.00 $6.50 $3.50
Pepperoni Bacon $10.00 $6.50 $3.50
Supreme $10.50 $6.83 $3.68
Buffalo Chicken $10.50 $6.83 $3.68
Meat Lovers $11.00 $7.15 $3.85

We also welcome orders from the public!  

Contact us at [email protected] and we will have a band member                                                contact you for your order.



 Orders must be placed online by midnight on:  Orders are delivered on:
Goal is before Chirstmas