Monthly Giftcard Fundraiser - Bandstanders families sell giftcards for local/national stores and restaurants. The actual companies offered vary each month, but local grocery stores are always included (Dierbergs). You get a discount for buying these giftcards through the GLScrip fundraiser program, with the cost you pay for the cards discounted at the monthly percentages offered by the participating companies (less 1/2% that goes to the band to pay for shipping and handling).

You can buy these cards for yourself and/or others, but you must pre-order by the deadline using the website.** We usually sell once a month (you are notified via email when the order form is available). We only accept one check, made payable to Bandstanders, from the band member family for the entire order. We recommend families establish a separate savings account for your student's band fundraising profits.    



(payment is not due until cards are picked up)
Please make sure you click on the SEND CHECK payment button to complete your order, and then bring your check to the pick up location
(orders are not submitted to the coordinator without a payment option selected). 

**You also have the option of setting up a family account on GLScrip to purchase other cards of your choice. Go to to set up the account and register under the existing group option. The Bandstanders enrollment code is 23FF8B1124192.  If you order plastic cards you will get them at the monthly band parent meeting and you will only pay the discounted cost.  The Scrip website order deadline for plastic cards is the same deadline as the band website. Some of the cards are available immediately as electronic giftcards or a reload of existing giftcards directly on the GL Scrip website. This requires you to set up an online Presto Pay account and input your bank account information. Your account will be debited for the full face value of these cards.  All profits from the online payment will go to the band's general fund.